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No, they are not, but they are perfectly interchangeable and compatible.

Most of them are made by us: we start from the casting then there are all the machining and the internal details and the assembly and a small part is marketed.

It is the diameter where the pistons slide, it is the most important thing that is needed to start the precise search for the spare part.

As for the brake cylinders, just remove the caps, pull out the internal piston and measure with the tips of the caliper right where they slide or directly the cylinder sleeve.

As for the brake pumps, you have to remove the seeger, the possible washer, pull out the internal pump and measure always with the tips of the caliper and always where the pump slides or directly the pump sleeve.

No, you have to force it off because in most cases the internal diameter shrinks compared to the one before the seeger.

No, in every spare part you have to use the right oil. Initially you have to know with which oil the braking system of your vehicle works and communicate it to us so we can offer you the spare part with the right gaskets.

If you use the wrong oil in a spare part, the rubber seals swell and lock up in a short time.

We always recommend to know exactly the oil to use, clean everything well the system and only after mounting everything use the right oil, new and clean.

For vintage cars we recommend the use of silicone oil as it often stands still reduces the humidity that creates the normal brake oil Dot3 or Dot4 and therefore does not corrode the brake parts.

The ordered goods arrive at destination in 24/48h unless otherwise indicated by us communicated.
We ship all over Italy.

No, we are sorry. We accept bank transfer or cash on delivery.

The shipping costs are 12.00 euros net + VAT.

We do not have a price list as our prices can vary very quickly considering the historical moment.

Of course, we only communicate net prices.

You can easily contact us via Whatsapp or Email, if we don't find anything available we can try to revise the old parts.

You have to send us the old part, better if not disassembled, when it arrives we usually take a week for the quote and 10/15 days for the eventual work.

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