In the early months of the new millennium, after selling his previous company, Loris Golinelli realized his dream of opening a small artisanal company that produces and trades braking systems.

With nothing but some past experience, a small 30-page catalog, and a strong desire to grow his project, he embarked on this journey.

How does one advertise in 2000?
It was simple: by going to the post office, purchasing "Pagine Gialle" from all over Italy, and carefully selecting workshops, spare parts dealers, or merchants who might be interested in the catalog. Then, the catalogs were sent out, hoping that this would be the winning strategy.

The company's efforts proved successful, as it took off and experienced annual growth in terms of numbers and revenue. In 2007, Loris found the need for assistance and hired Micas Masetti, who skillfully combined the knowledge imparted by Loris with a touch of modernity that the company required. The following year, Micas became a partner.

In 2018, Alberto Vignoli joined the team, bringing a fresh burst of youthful energy. This union of three different generations created the perfect blend of experience, expertise, and modernity, all focused on solving the problems faced by their customers. They consistently strive to meet the diverse needs of every individual to the fullest extent possible.

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